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Garden Beginnings
May 5, 2010, 9:47 am
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I planted a salad mix Saturday morning.  I’m still waiting for my salad.  I probably planted everything too close.  I just hope I know the difference between the salad and the weeds.  I checked on the Hutterite Soup Beans, and the Soldier Beans we planted last week.  I think I see some coming up; then again it could be weeds!  Yesterday I planted 5 hills of Early Russian cucumbers and 4 groups I am going to try to trellis.  I still have enough seeds for about 15 more hills of Early Russian .  Does anyone know the reason for planting 4 seeds in a hill?  These seeds are guaranteed to grow; so did I overplant if they actually do grow or am I supposed to have 4 cucumber plants in the same hill?  I’m going to plant the rest of my cucumbers today.  I’m beginning to wonder if my garden is big enough.