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Doggie Alcatraz
June 28, 2010, 1:33 am
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We worked on fencing yesterday.   The main thing I wanted to get done was to construct Doggie Alcatraz.   If we were hardcore country I suppose we would get rid of our two, count ’em two, chicken killing dogs.  But no, I just can’t seem to penalize them for having been raised in the city and just not getting it about the chickens, ducks and turkeys being off  limits.  So we are building Doggie Alcatraz.  I’m real proud of the design; it uses 6 cattle panels with added on inner welded wire fence.   We used the existing garden fence and attached 2 cattle panels to it and wired the bottom of the chicken wire garden fence to the panels.

I forget the best parts.  The whole bottom of the fence is set in a trench and concreted in.  No more dig outs or escapes!!  AND there is no gate!  No gate means no mad dash to freedom and roaming chickens.  My dh built stairs on the outside and there is a stepladder on the inside to carry the dogs down. 

I am happy to report that there have been no escapes since Doggie Alcatraz was constructed in May 2010. 

The thievery of dogfood by chickens has dropped 100%.

Chicken killings are at 0.

The number one cause of dead chickens, ducks and turkeys on our place is city raised dogs that get loose.

The number two cause is a meetup with the freezer on the way to their destiny on the table.  Only a few chickens ever make it that far.

The dogs have eaten more chickens than we have!  One of them got ALL my turkeys.  We had to eat store bought! dried out tasteless yuck, only fit for turkey salad and only choked down because of tradition    I was not happy!


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