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No-till Potatoes, Onions and boyscout update
April 13, 2010, 4:50 am
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Maybe later I’ll get around to an introductory post, but for now I’ll just jump in. We are trying our hand at no till potatoes this year.  I’m feeling very OCD with my measuring to make sure each potato piece is 2 feet apart and the rows are 3 feet apart; never mind my measuring the straw to make sure it is 6 inches deep.  I still wonder whether or not the straw should be a loose 6 inches or if it should be a more compacted flake that I peeled off the bale.  We are putting out 30 pounds of seed potatoes.  They are all red ones.  The white ones looked really picked over and a bit mouldy to boot.  That’s what I get for not getting the potatoes in time for St. Patricks Day reguardless of the snow we had on the ground:)
 My 15 year old had his scoutmaster conference tonight and also his board of review.  He is now officially a 1st Class Scout.  YEAH!!!!  Now he can work on requirements for Star and hopefully reach that rank by the end of the summer.
 Onions:  I need to get them in the ground.  Hopefully the chickens don’t eat the tops of them.  I know they don’t like onions, but I’m not sure if they dislike the greens.  I sure hope so!  I have a few lettuce plants, but I don’t dare plant them until we have the garden fenced in.  That sure sounds like another project.

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