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Beans? What beans?
July 10, 2010, 11:09 am
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I planted beans twice this year.  Did any of them come up?  NOOO!

My son Z comes along and plants beans again, in the same spot.  Guess what’s growing now.  Yep, you guessed it.  Beans.

What do I blame it on. Weather, yeah that works.  Too much rain and then it wasn’t warm enough.  But twice?  How could my planting go awry twice?  He just comes along and spits and things grow.  I think about planting and things die.  Maybe not quite that bad.  I did manage to safely transplant the squash I started from seed.  They are beautiful now.  At least the plants and blooms are.  I hope the squash blooms actually set. 

Lettuce, died

Cucumbers, never came up

Corn, never came up

Onions are doing ok, I think

Potatoes look good, so far

Rhubarb, I planted plants and they died!

Tomatoes are doing good because I didn’t touch them.

I could almost develop a complex here!


We counted up the churches
July 10, 2010, 10:28 am
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(I actually started this post months ago, but when I edit WP re-dates it.  I wish it didn’t because then it’s all out of order.)

Saturday night Jason dreamed he was at a Lutheran church and babies were being baptised and then immediately floated up to heaven.  I think he said something about helium too.  It’s a reflection of  what we’ve been talking about lately.  There was more to the dream, but that’s it in a nutshell.  It’s kinda funny since as far as I know he’s only been to one Lutheran service in his life, but that was within the last year or so.

We’ve had a lot of discussions about baptism and at one time considered delving into the differences between the Lutheran church and conservative Presbyterian denominations.   J decided we had made all the doctrinal moves we were going to make and that we aren’t going any further even if the Lutherans are right.

Yesterday we counted up the churches we have been to as at least regular attenders since we’ve been married.  The total is NINE!  And we don’t consider ourselves church hoppers.  We have been members of four of them and Jason had a part in getting the first and the ninth ones started up.  We also counted the ones who helped us greatly ( 2 1/2), ones that hurt us beyond belief (4), and ones that we just never quite fit in(1 1/2).  That was interesting, and one church we didn’t know how to count because the pastor was a great help to us by the love he showed us when we were in extreme need of kindness, but yet doctrinally we never fit into the church itself.  I counted it as the halves;) I don’t have the ninth one included in that count because we are here and don’t intend on leaving even though we at times are terrified(is that too strong of a word?) of what commitment and membership will involve.   I’m still gun shy or church shy, but I’m back in the saddle again.  I just don’t feel like a good trail horse, I’m too easily spooked.

Doggie Alcatraz
June 28, 2010, 1:33 am
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We worked on fencing yesterday.   The main thing I wanted to get done was to construct Doggie Alcatraz.   If we were hardcore country I suppose we would get rid of our two, count ’em two, chicken killing dogs.  But no, I just can’t seem to penalize them for having been raised in the city and just not getting it about the chickens, ducks and turkeys being off  limits.  So we are building Doggie Alcatraz.  I’m real proud of the design; it uses 6 cattle panels with added on inner welded wire fence.   We used the existing garden fence and attached 2 cattle panels to it and wired the bottom of the chicken wire garden fence to the panels.

I forget the best parts.  The whole bottom of the fence is set in a trench and concreted in.  No more dig outs or escapes!!  AND there is no gate!  No gate means no mad dash to freedom and roaming chickens.  My dh built stairs on the outside and there is a stepladder on the inside to carry the dogs down. 

I am happy to report that there have been no escapes since Doggie Alcatraz was constructed in May 2010. 

The thievery of dogfood by chickens has dropped 100%.

Chicken killings are at 0.

The number one cause of dead chickens, ducks and turkeys on our place is city raised dogs that get loose.

The number two cause is a meetup with the freezer on the way to their destiny on the table.  Only a few chickens ever make it that far.

The dogs have eaten more chickens than we have!  One of them got ALL my turkeys.  We had to eat store bought! dried out tasteless yuck, only fit for turkey salad and only choked down because of tradition    I was not happy!

Garden Beginnings
May 5, 2010, 9:47 am
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I planted a salad mix Saturday morning.  I’m still waiting for my salad.  I probably planted everything too close.  I just hope I know the difference between the salad and the weeds.  I checked on the Hutterite Soup Beans, and the Soldier Beans we planted last week.  I think I see some coming up; then again it could be weeds!  Yesterday I planted 5 hills of Early Russian cucumbers and 4 groups I am going to try to trellis.  I still have enough seeds for about 15 more hills of Early Russian .  Does anyone know the reason for planting 4 seeds in a hill?  These seeds are guaranteed to grow; so did I overplant if they actually do grow or am I supposed to have 4 cucumber plants in the same hill?  I’m going to plant the rest of my cucumbers today.  I’m beginning to wonder if my garden is big enough.

No-till Potatoes, Onions and boyscout update
April 13, 2010, 4:50 am
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Maybe later I’ll get around to an introductory post, but for now I’ll just jump in. We are trying our hand at no till potatoes this year.  I’m feeling very OCD with my measuring to make sure each potato piece is 2 feet apart and the rows are 3 feet apart; never mind my measuring the straw to make sure it is 6 inches deep.  I still wonder whether or not the straw should be a loose 6 inches or if it should be a more compacted flake that I peeled off the bale.  We are putting out 30 pounds of seed potatoes.  They are all red ones.  The white ones looked really picked over and a bit mouldy to boot.  That’s what I get for not getting the potatoes in time for St. Patricks Day reguardless of the snow we had on the ground:)
 My 15 year old had his scoutmaster conference tonight and also his board of review.  He is now officially a 1st Class Scout.  YEAH!!!!  Now he can work on requirements for Star and hopefully reach that rank by the end of the summer.
 Onions:  I need to get them in the ground.  Hopefully the chickens don’t eat the tops of them.  I know they don’t like onions, but I’m not sure if they dislike the greens.  I sure hope so!  I have a few lettuce plants, but I don’t dare plant them until we have the garden fenced in.  That sure sounds like another project.